A Global Vision of Equity in Education: Policies and Values

At the International Science and Technology University, we are grounded in the belief that education is a universal right, advocating for the support of disadvantaged groups, and embracing contemporary education standards. Our university offers educational opportunities to a diverse range of individuals, including persons with disabilities, veterans, victims of war and terrorism, as well as professionals in the workforce who seek to continue their university education simultaneously.

Embracing a model of education that is independent of time and place, and aligning with the demands of the age through technology, we operate within the scope of the European Union's NACE code 85.42.03, covering "higher education activities provided by private educational institutions." Accredited by global organizations, our university is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Having received the "Trusted Brand" registration from the Brand Name Center, our University is focused on elevating quality standards in higher education. We aim for continuous improvement with systems such as the "Academic Performance Management System" and the "Management Reporting and Analysis Platform" within our framework.

The International Science and Technology University distinguishes itself as a leading institution in distance education with integrated automation, user-friendly digital services, and global accreditation. These facilities provide students with unique advantages, including global collaborations, sectoral relationships, historical experiences, a qualified academic faculty, guidance services, scholarship opportunities, and optional international internship possibilities.

Committed to contributing to society, science, culture, and education, our university embraces its mission. Through strategic plans, policies, and resources, we engage in continuous improvement activities.