Question 1: What is a distance learning based university?
Answer: Distance education based universities are higher education institutions that offer distance online education by providing students with access to the internet. Students can attend classes online and access learning materials through online platforms.

Question 2: What are the advantages of distance online education?
Answer: Distance online education offers advantages such as flexibility, personalization of learning speed, no geographical restrictions, and balancing work and education. Students follow their courses according to their own preferences and opportunities.

Question 3: What is the scope of distance education based higher education programs?
Answer: Distance education-based higher education services include a variety of courses and bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs. These programs are available at ISTU in a wide range of fields.

Question 4: How can I participate in distance online courses?
Answer: Participation in distance online courses takes place through IT-based online learning platforms. Students can access live lectures, course materials, video conferences and other interactive content through these platforms.

Question 5: How are exams administered?
Answer: At ISTU, all exams are organized online. Students are provided with the necessary information to take online exams on a specific date and time.

Question 6: What are the costs of distance online education?
Answer: Tuition fees at ISTU are predetermined and announced by the Senate. Education at ISTU is a more affordable and accessible option than traditional universities. In addition, various costs such as accommodation and transportation are eliminated in distance learning.

Question 7: How is accreditation of distance learning based higher education institutions ensured?
Answer: Distance learning-based higher education institutions are accredited by various global, regional and local accreditation bodies when they are deemed satisfactory and successful in their audits. An accredited higher education institution and educational organization guarantees that it provides quality and effective education to its students.

Question 8: What are online distance student support services?
Answer: All centers at ISTU offer a variety of services online for students and graduates in various areas of need.
Question 9: How can I properly prepare for online courses?
Answer: In order to be successful in distance online education, it is important to establish a regular study schedule, participate in online interactions, make use of student support services and have a computer system suitable for technological requirements.

Question 10: Is social interaction possible in distance online education?
Answer: Yes, ISTU, as a distance learning based higher education institution, offers various tools to enable its students to interact with each other through online platforms. A wide range of activities such as online meetings, group projects and virtual events encourage social interaction.

Question 11: In what ways does a diploma from a distance learning-based higher education institution provide competencies?
Answer: Distance learning higher education institutions are required to follow the required international standards in terms of course delivery, achievement, course loads, passing grades and other graduation requirements. Universities that comply with these rules can ensure that they offer their graduates a credible and reliable diploma in their career journey. This will strengthen the professional competence and employability of individuals.

Question 12: How can I find tutors in online education?
Answer: Online education platforms usually enable students to communicate with teachers through tools such as email, online chat, forums or virtual office hours.

Question 13: Do online courses have a time limit?
Answer: ISTU does not impose any time and duration restrictions on synchronous live lectures and the follow-up of the recorded versions of these lectures.

Question 14: How can I register for online courses?
Answer: All processes at ISTU are carried out through IT-based automation processes. Students do not need to perform any physical action.

Question 15: What are the differences between distance education and traditional education?
Answer: Distance education provides students with flexibility and ease of access. Students can work at their own pace and attend classes regardless of their geographical location.

Question 16: What is the intensity of courses in distance online education?
Answer: Course syllabi and minimum graduation credit loads at ISTU are not below the requirements of traditional university departments. At a minimum, equivalent content is followed by students, but students enrolled in ISTU can freely realize their education independent of time and space.

Question 17: How can I participate in interactive activities in distance online education?
Answer: You can participate in interactive activities in distance online education through online panels, conferences, workshops, lectures, symposia, virtual group projects, live classroom sessions and online workshops.

Question 18: How can online distance learning contribute to my career?
Answer: The skills and graduate degree you gain through distance online education will help you advance in your professional career and open up new opportunities. Also, studying while working will make a valuable contribution to your professional life.

Question 19: What should I do if I encounter technical problems during the online learning process?
Answer: When you encounter technical problems during your studies, you can contact the ISTU contact information and get help to solve the problems you are experiencing.

Question 20: Is there an attendance requirement in distance online education?
Answer: There is no physical attendance requirement at ISTU. It is essential for students to gain the necessary qualifications by following their courses synchronously and asynchronously on information-based learning platforms and to be successful in online exams.

Question 21: Is ISTU, a distance education based higher education institution, open to all international students?
Answer: Yes, ISTU accepts applications from all nations of the world to receive higher education services.

Question 22: Is the content of online courses the same as traditional courses?
Answer: Yes, online courses cover the same content as traditional classroom courses. However, students are provided access through online platforms.

Question 23: How are student evaluations conducted in distance online education?
Answer: Student evaluations are carried out through online exams, project submissions, assignments and evaluation of participation.

Question 24: Are career counseling services provided to students in online education?
Answer: Yes, ISTU provides the services that its students and graduates will need through its centers.

Question 25: How is student success in distance online education tracked?
Answer: Student success is tracked through online exams, assignments, project evaluations and participation. Online learning platforms offer a variety of assessment tools to measure student progress and achievement.