Dear Researchers and Visitors,

Welcome to the Innovation, Research, and Project Center at the International Science and Technology University (ISTU). We are thrilled to share the joy of being together with you on this platform and introduce our innovative center.

Our center aims to support creative thinking, encourage innovative projects, and provide opportunities for scientific research. Within this center, various opportunities are offered to our students, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and experiences and giving them the chance to bring their own original projects to life.

Coming together with entrepreneurial and innovative researchers to introduce this center is a proud beginning of cultivating the future leaders and pioneers. Our center has taken on the pioneering, stable, and determined tasks in writing success stories of goal-oriented, planned, and determined research candidates.

In our interactions and consultations with the center, we are ready to uncover and implement the potential within our students and candidates. We are committed to realizing innovative ideas, strengthening individuals' research capabilities, and implementing envisioned projects.

As the Directorate of the ISTU Innovation, Research, and Project Center, we share our philosophy of “we are strong together” and invite all our stakeholders to experience our new successes together.

Best regards,

Directorate of Innovation, Research, and Project Center