Dear Students and Course Participants,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the digital platform created for our Continuing Education Center. Embarking on your educational journey with us in line with your career goals is an important step for you and an important opportunity that allows us to support you in this process.

Training on various subjects can be one of the important turning points in the lives of all individuals. These courses offer you the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills, develop your skills and achieve your goals. We are honored to bring together with you our academicians and instructors who will guide our trainees on this enjoyable and devoted journey.

It should not be forgotten that the learning process is just the beginning and each new information contributes to your strengthening and self-improvement. In your career journey with us, we do not only offer you theoretical and professional information; We also offer personal development opportunities based on lifelong learning.

Do not forget that knowledge is power; there is no age limit to learn new informations.


Lec. Abdülkadir AKMAN
Director of Continuous Education Center