The International Science and Technology University embraces the principles of social justice and inclusiveness in education as its central mission. Our institution is committed to extending educational opportunities to disadvantaged groups, such as individuals with disabilities, veterans, and victims of war and terrorism, thereby ensuring full and effective access to their right to receive education. Our mission is aimed at fostering equitable freedom, celebrating diversity, and empowering individuals from all walks of life through comprehensive educational support.

The services and resources we offer are geared towards fostering academic success and career development for students with disabilities, veterans, and those who have been impacted by war or terrorism. Our mission is to help these students reach their full potential.

Our objective is to facilitate the professional development of students in the business world while also enabling them to complete their university education successfully. To this end, we strive to equip our students with not only knowledge and skills, but also a sense of social responsibility rooted in ethical values.

Our institution is dedicated to promoting equal access to education, recognizing the value of diversity, and fostering not only the personal achievements of our students but also their capacity to positively impact society.


The International Science and Technology University is committed to realizing a vision of ensuring equal access to education for all segments of society. With a particular focus on disadvantaged groups, such as disabled individuals, veterans, victims of war and terrorism, the University strives to create an inclusive and fair learning environment. Our vision is guided by the principle of providing equal opportunities and support to students facing various challenges. Furthermore, the University recognizes the importance of the working life and offers necessary assistance and opportunities to enable students to excel in their professional and academic pursuits. Thus, the International Science and Technology University stands out as an institution that embraces social diversity, prioritizes justice, and nurtures future leaders.