Our university aims to create a global impact by providing effective and sustainable solutions to worldwide social, economic, and environmental challenges. We engage in collective work with both international and local organizations, emphasizing dialogue and negotiation processes. We are committed to the following principles in our impact and processes:

1. Diversity and Inclusivity
International Science and Technology University is committed to fostering an inclusive community where students, faculty, and staff from diverse cultures come together. We encourage an environment where every individual can contribute with their unique perspectives and experiences. We also create educational and support programs for disadvantaged students, including individuals with disabilities, veterans, victims of war and terrorism, and those working concurrently while pursuing their university education, enabling every individual to realize their potential.

2. Global Perspective in Education
Our goal is to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and perspectives to be aware of and address global issues. Our curriculum is enriched with courses that tackle important global issues. We aim to develop specialized education models tailored to the unique needs of disadvantaged and working students to contribute to their success.

3. Global Research and Collaboration
International Science and Technology University promotes research that makes a global impact. Through international collaborations and joint projects, we contribute to the global community by sharing knowledge and solutions.

4. Sustainability and Responsible Practices
We believe that education is a common right for all people worldwide. With this belief in mind, sustainability, efficiency, ethical research, and practices are fundamental values for our university.

5. Community Engagement and Service
We prioritize serving local and global communities. We prepare our students to be socially responsible individuals and make a positive impact on our societies. We also offer a variety of service and learning opportunities to help students realize their potential.

6. Ethical Leadership and Governance
Our university follows a transparent and accountable governance structure. We adhere to ethical values and embrace fair and responsible leadership.

7. Global Citizenship Education
We make efforts to educate our students as global citizens. We provide opportunities for understanding cultural differences, developing international communication skills, and effectively working in multicultural environments. Furthermore, we offer specialized programs for disadvantaged and working students to enhance their global perspectives, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

8. Continuous Evaluation and Accountability
International Science and Technology University continually assesses and improves its commitments to global impact and governance. We uphold the principle of accountability to our community.

These principles reflect our commitment to creating global impact and responsible governance. In line with these principles, International Science and Technology University brings together a community to effectively address global challenges and create positive change.