Administrative Units

Secretary General

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The Secretary General serves as the chief executive of the university's administrative organization and is directly accountable to the rector for the functionality of this structure. Through its subordinate units, the Secretary General oversees and executes all bureaucratic and administrative services of the university, ensuring the efficient, systematic, and harmonious operation of the organizational units in compliance with relevant legislation.

> Ensure the efficient, organized, and harmonious operation of the General Secretariat and its affiliated units within the framework of relevant legislation. Oversee and supervise all activities conducted by the units,
> Conduct studies necessary to determine the agendas for meetings of the University Senate,
> Serve as a rapporteur in both the University Senate without participating in the voting process, write the decisions made during these meetings, distribute them to relevant units, and ensure the safeguarding of these decisions,
> Provide recommendations to the Rector regarding personnel assignments within the administrative organization of the university,
> Establish an adequate staff to fulfill administrative duties, aligning with the university's predetermined goals and objectives,
> Ensure that units within the university's administrative organization operate efficiently, regularly, and harmoniously,
> Carry out duties in compliance with specified regulations, directives, decisions of the board of directors, and the senate, operating within the framework of policies formulated by them,
> Foster the development of systems and legislation,
> Chair and/or contribute to the boards and commissions of which the Secretary General is a member,
> Identify the in-service training needs of administrative staff at the university and provide a training program tailored to those needs,
> Manage both the internal and external correspondence of the rectorate.
> Fulfill other duties assigned by the Rector,
> Conduct periodic meetings with Deputy Secretaries General and Heads of Departments to facilitate the exchange of views.