Dear Law Faculty Family and Distinguished Candidates,

In sovereign societies where the rule of law is supreme, the quality of life, comfort and assurance are further strengthened with the freedom to seek rights and the impartial application of laws to all individuals on equal terms. Justice is necessary for everyone, the constitutionally guaranteed rule of law is the greatest power of individuals.

It is among the priorities of our faculty to train graduates who believe in the rule of law, build mechanisms for the benefit of society and the public, and provide the necessary legal counselling services to everyone in need. In line with this goal, our university, which hosts academicians and researchers who are competent, experienced and experienced in their fields, offers accredited higher education services on a global scale, independent of time and space.

Thanks to the cooperation and interaction with various international institutions and organisations, our university aims to provide an effective career guidance service to its graduates. One of these special opportunities is the opportunity to receive a double degree.

As we conclude our speeches, we express our pleasure to see you in this big family and greet you all with respect.

Prof. Dr. Erdal DURSUN
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law