Rector, Prof. Dr. Erdal DURSUN graduated from Çankaya University, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in English. He started his professional career in Bilkent University Technology Development Zone. He received his master's degree in 2009 and his doctorate in 2014. He carried out his post-doctoral studies within the Institute of Management, Business and Law at the Southern University.

He served as an Electronics Engineer and Technical Inspector at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Türkiye; He received various operational trainings at home and abroad. As a result of the successful project work he prepared before the Ministry, he was given an Official Certificate of Appreciation. He pioneered the capacity building, sectoral cooperation and access to global markets of various higher education institutions.

He served as Rector's Advisor and Vocational School Director at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. Subsequently, he was appointed as the Secretary General of Istanbul Rumeli University and then the Secretary General of Istanbul Esenyurt University. In order to contribute to the visibility studies of the National Transport and Logistics Policies of the Republic of Türkiye, he worked as a writer and page manager in Türkiye Newspaper. He worked as a Director General at the Expert Aviaton Flight Academy and as an Adviser to the Member of Parliament of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM).

In addition to having many international academic publications related to his field, he is the Vice President of the Foundation for Internationalization and Development in Higher Education; and also Vice President of the Board of Audit and Assessment for Flight and Ground Safety in Turkish Air Sports Federation at Ministry of Youth and Sports. He is the President of Executive Board in Global Power Union and President of the Supreme Board in Institute of International Students.