Dear Esteemed Graduates,

Welcome to the ISTU Alumni Center. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this special center. Leaving our university may have made you a member of our alumni family, but you should know that our ties will never be broken.

The Alumni Center aims to provide you with a platform to keep your relations with our university closer and take new steps in your career. Here, we offer you special career support, events and post-graduation development opportunities.

We would like to host you here, share your career successes and reminisce with you about the past days. As the Alumni Center, it is our honor to follow your successes and support you.

Do not forget that when you graduate, you do not go out into the outside world just as a leaving student; You are also a reliable graduate, a member of a strong family and one of the most successful representatives of this university. For this reason, it means good things to us to see you as a part of the special community we are talking about.

We wholeheartedly wish you success in your career journey and all your future plans.

Best regards,

Noor Rahman AHMADI
Director of the Alumni Center