As the Deanery of the Faculty of Engineering at International Science and Technology University (ISTU), our goal is to cultivate students who are well-prepared, innovative, and competitive on a global scale through a modern educational approach that aligns with the demands of the contemporary era in the field of engineering sciences. The ISTU Faculty of Engineering is distinguished at the international level by its extensive and diverse range of educational programs, highly qualified academic staff, and an educational model that is focused on the needs of industry. Our undergraduate and graduate programs, which are aligned with these objectives, are detailed below:

Undergraduate Programs:
1. Department of Computer Engineering: Offers the opportunity to specialize in advanced information technologies and software development.
2. Department of Software Engineering: Offers students a comprehensive education in the areas of software lifecycle and project management.
3. Department of Cyber Security Engineering: Provides students with in-depth knowledge of digital security and network security.
4. Department of Artificial Intelligence Engineering: Provides students with expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.
5. Department of Aviation Systems and Technologies Engineering: Focuses on the integration of technology and systems in the aviation industry.
6. Department of Industrial Engineering: Provides students with a broad perspective on production processes, quality control, and business optimization.
7. Department of Management Engineering: Provides the opportunity to specialize in improving business processes and increasing productivity.

Master's Degree Programs:
1. Quality and Conformity Assessment Engineering: Provides advanced knowledge and skills in compliance with industry standards and quality control.
2. Engineering Management: Offers the opportunity to deepen in project management, leadership and strategic planning.
3. Cyber Security Engineering: Provides expertise in the detection of vulnerabilities and protection against cyberattacks.
4. Software Engineering: Provides in-depth training in managing software development processes and understanding complex software systems.
5. Renewable Energy Engineering: Focuses on sustainable energy sources and energy systems.
6. Data Science Engineering: Provides expertise in big data analysis, data mining, and machine learning.
7. Computer Engineering: Gain advanced knowledge of computer systems, networks and software development.
8. Artificial Intelligence Engineering: Offers the opportunity to specialize in artificial intelligence applications and deep learning.

Doctoral Programs:
1. Cyber Security Engineering: Provides the opportunity to conduct independent research on system security, cyber-attack analysis and defense.
2. Software Engineering: Focuses on software development processes, software engineering theories and practices.
3. Management Engineering: Offers the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on optimization of business processes, industrial engineering, and business strategies.
4. Computer Engineering: Computer science provides the opportunity to conduct independent research on algorithms and computer systems.
5. Artificial Intelligence Engineering: Provides the opportunity to conduct independent research on artificial intelligence applications, deep learning and artificial intelligence.